Welcome to Office of the Registrar - Facility Management & Scheduling

Facility Management and Scheduling in the Office of the Registrar provides essential central campus functions in the areas of future classroom preparedness, current classroom inventory and planning, classroom management and scheduling practice and policy, event reservations, course database management, Course Catalog and Class Schedule publication, and Foellinger Auditorium & Lincoln Hall Theater support. Our focus is to support the scheduling of 400 general-purpose classrooms. We regularly work with many different customers: students, Academic Units, Administrative Units, Outside Organizations and individuals.

Recent News

We recently hosted a Facility Management and Scheduling Forum focusing on several areas related to the course catalog, class schedule, final exams, and event scheduling. The meeting gave us the opportunity to share information and to gain feedback on how we can continue to better serve the campus. Below are links to the presentation as well as NEW reference guides. We hope you find the information useful. Look for details to come regarding a follow-up "schedule-specific" training.

Event Scheduling News for RSOs

RSOs no longer have to pick up space request forms from the RSO Office. As a collaborative effort to ensure excellent customer service to you, several offices have worked together to eliminate some steps for RSOs to reserve a space, realizing the inconvenience it may cause.

Space requests for space scheduled by Campus Rec (including ARC, CRCE, Ice Arena, Illini Grove and Outdoor Fields), the Armory Track, and space requests for FMS (including classroom, academic lecture halls, outdoor presentation spaces and the three campus access stage spaces) need to be submitted as before to the RSO office. Upon event approval, (next business day in many cases) the RSO office will electronically route requests for scheduling. RSOs will receive space confirmation from each facility as before.